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We are a custom sunless tanning company that specializes in mobile appointments. We bring everything possibly needed for the appointment, including a tent so no need to worry about overspray getting on walls/belongings!


We are dedicated to providing the best customer service and most natural sunless tan in Indiana. We thrive on making everyone feel comfortable during the appointment, no matter age, gender, race, skin type, or body size. Our main goal is to give you an end result that leaves you feeling confident and rocking the skin you’re in! We also offer different solutions to cater to all skin types.


One solution doesn’t work for everyone and different customized tan levels has so much more to do with just spraying more solution on the skin. We also use a different type of machine than most other spray businesses, so we have the ability to control air and solution flow for contouring different body areas. 


Whether you need a boosted glow because you feel like treating yourself, you're getting ready for a special event, or you want a sunkissed glow for your wedding day - we've got you covered, literally! We can't wait to meet you and we promise you'll fall in love with your new glow!

how it works

step 1

We'll arrive at your appointment with everything! Point us in the direction of your home where you'd like to be sprayed and we'll set up there! 

step 2

Everyone is able to undress to their own comfort level. Want to be in a one-piece bathing suit or bikini? Perfect. Want to be in just your underwear or naked? That's just fine, too!

step 3

We'll start off by providing you a hair net to keep hair out of your face and light moisturizer to apply to your hands, elbows, and knees. We'll personally apply it to the bottom and tops of your feet, as well as your heel and ankle area. This will help make sure your color is seamless even in the roughest areas. 

step 4

We'll help you pick and customize your spray tan color and then start the spraying process! 

step 5

After you've been sprayed, we'll wipe the bottoms of your feet and the palms of your hands to ensure you don't have a build-up of excess color. For good measure, we'll also blend out your ankles, hands, and wipe your nails to make sure that new mani and pedi stays looking fresh!

step 6

As you dry and get dressed, we'll handle the cleanup and packing up! When we leave, we never say "goodbye," but rather "see you soon" because we know you'll love your new tan and we hope you'll have us back! 

watch the process

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